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Camilo Hernandez! Of the five Democrat candidates for State Representative he proved to be the most elusive. Busy, contacting families and small businesses in East Boston, a population he says are ready! Ready for a new line of politicians who bring their concerns to the State House. We can pretend that Eastie is not divided, but attend any event on either side and it's clear. Where are the Hispanics? Where are the Arabic Speakers? Where are the persons who have lived here for 40 years+ . Where are the new residents? Eastie has sub-communities!

EASTIE NOW! Has spent three years observing East Boston Dynamics and we still don't have it sorted. Camilo though, believes he is the key. When asked how does one divide reach the other, he believes that access is a phone call away. Camilo has spent the last number of years working with local families from all walks, working in Sal's office, working security, working with the Police Athletic League and East Boston Soccer to bring people together and take care of problems.


Like his family, Eastie isn't Hispanic, it isn't White! Eastie is family. We love our own, we care, we thrive in each other's assistance. The snow has taught us that! We've watched countless neighbors step up, shovel their neighbors out, our crosswalks and goat paths. Hanging ice doesn't wipe out memories, it builds on our neighborhood. We've seen it all now. Camilo wants more wisdom, more use of existing resources, more connections and more interaction.


East Boston is unique. Our long, amazing history has built a list of residents and organizations dedicated to providing for the commonwealth. Ensuring that no child is left behind, ensuring that health and longevity are a priority, ensuring that food, health, entertainment and housing are available to all. Camilo had simple words for those looking to help. Help is here, it's now. The wheel has been invented. It just needs to be spun a little more. We can't pretend that the wheel has not been invented and continuously try to re-invent it. We need to acknowledge our existing resources, we need to combine them and we need to boost them up so they can reach every sub-community.


Camilo believes he is the guy who can combine and merge those resources. Having handled countless phone calls to Sal's office, hearing the complaints and seeing the wall that many residents run into in life, Camilo knows how to help, how to reach out, how to provide common resources. His number one strength is not creating new programs, but punching through those that are already existing, ensuring that all walks, Hispanic or otherwise have access. His English is strong and his long desire to help, stemmed from his Colombian roots to provide for his community and family first is beyond admirable. Camilo is dedicated to family, yielding his new child and soon to be wife, sports a unique heart on his arm. Camilo believes in family first, community second. Third is up to you!

Not a terrible way to think


Camilo! Good luck. We are glad that we got to know you a little better.