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Rated Tipico Dominicano with on Aug 3rd

Tasty food like my abuela makes

Tipico is located in a very small, plain, rather cramped space - it isn’t going to win any beauty awards. The food more than made up for it! The first time I tried their food, I sent my non spanish speaking spouse to go pick up an order or mofongo, the ubiquitous fried, mashed plantain dish popular in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. It was very good, but the test for me would be a plate of stewed beef and rice, so yesterday, we took an Eastie Now fieldtrip over to Tipico for lunch. For $17 bucks, we each got a take out container loaded with morro, beef, a side salad, and a beverage. The portions were so generous that we both took home substantial leftovers. How did it taste? Amazing. It was almost as good as Abuela’s (shhhhh, can’t ever say as good as), delicious, filling, and comforting in the best possible way. I am definitely returning whenever I’m homesick for Brooklyn and my Abuela’s cooking. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll get an order of mofongo to go.

Rated Ayda Custom Tailoring with on Apr 14th

Ayda Custom Tailoring

I used her about a month ago for some alterations to an evening gown to wear to my niece’s wedding. The dress in question needed to have the top reinforced, since it could not accommodate a bra. I was quite concerned about this, as I didn’t have a lot of time, and, as many women can tell you, support is a need when you are going to dance all night long! Ayda took a careful look at my dress, walked me through the various options, gave me her opinion on what she thought would work best, and why. She also hemmed it, and repaired an area that had become unstitched. I dropped it off on a Friday, picked it up the following Monday, and it was done to perfection. You couldn’t tell that any work was done unless you looked inside the bodice. It fit perfectly, and best of all, the cost was about half of what I had originally expected to pay. She was so accommodating, professional and friendly that I know I will be bringing all of my tailoring needs to her. I can’t recommend her highly enough. The one downside is that she has afternoon and evening hours, so if you need to come in before work, she will not be open. Ayda Custom Tailoring is located in the 154 Maverick Business Incubator. Have a cup of coffee at Boston Brewin’ after your visit!

Rated La Sanghita Cafe with on Mar 24th

La Sanghita

Ever since my family moved back to Eastie, we’ve enjoyed exploring what Boston has to offer us in terms of interesting food. The one thing we really wanted, however, was a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, since we love meat free meals, and my daughter, age 11, has a severe dairy allergy. Well, the wait is over! La Sanghita surpassed our expectations with delicious, affordable food, and personal service. We went twice about a week ago. Once, for a quick mid week meal as part of the local Cash Mob, and that following Saturday. The big question for us would be how my kid felt about the food - 11 year olds are notoriously fickle. The good news was that my dairy allergic child found the food delicious, and just as importantly, felt very safe that the staff knew what they were doing. Between those two meals, we tried a number of their smoothies, and ate: 4 vegan quesadillas 1 veggie burger 1 vegan Pad Thai 2 servings of a vegan, nut based cheese spread with carrots 1 order of fries 2 orders of tacos 1 taco plate 1 order fritters 1 order French Toast. 1 order of vegan coconut mousse with fruit Phew! Growing tweens sure do eat a lot! This was for a family of three, who wanted to try as many items as we could at each visit. The tacos were vegan and delicious, filling without being heavy. The quesadillas were delightfully gooey (often a problem with vegan cheese is that they melt poorly), the fries tasty, and overall, everything we tried was a delight. Sweet items didn’t have the cloying sweetness that can make them at times hard to stomach, especially after a full meal. Best of all, the staff made sure to check in with my daughter regularly, showing her what dairy substitutes were being used, and allowing her to ingredient check. Everything here is cooked to order and it shows. Perhaps the highest praise I can give is that my daughter is now asking every day to go back for another smoothie and more quesadillas. If you’ve been considering whether to make the trip out to this little corner of Jeffries Point, then the answer is yes! Absolutely. Eating at La Sanghita is not a rushed experience, as they are cooking everything to order in their open kitchen, so come with a few friends, relax, and enjoy!