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New Saigon: The best new place in East Boston in a

When it comes to Asian food here in East Boston, my family has always been the boring kind. Pork fried rice, chicken wings, broccoli and beef and a few other things reminiscent of 1930’s Chinese-American Food Culture. What’s interesting about that is that when visiting friends and family outside of East Boston and when traveling abroad, we are a bit more adventurous. Well no more! After a friend of ours posted an amazing looking soup from New Saigon in East Boston, my wife spontaneously decided to drag us down there. In hind sight, we have no regrets. The food was amazing. What was best (as editor of Eastie Now) was that this new spot, having just opened, already has a set of regulars. Several stopped in while we dined and no menu was needed, the waitress who knew the menu well knew exactly what they wanted and chatted them up for a moment of two; exactly what you want in a small, family business. The food can speak better for itself than I can (I think I already admitted I am no Asian Food Connoisseur) but here goes. We ordered 4 dishes, all under $10 and a few appetizers. Beef Chow Foon consisting of savory veggies, beef and large flat noodles was simply one of the best things I've eaten in a while. It was flavorful and easy on the stomach. The noodles were unique to my pallet, but really good. The beef soup was not for the light-hearted. The soup was not your fall-apart, tender beef soup. They used chunks of beef knee and pastrami-cut beef, which gave the broth and veggies an amazing flavor and texture, but my wife had a hard time with the meat itself. I didn't! I never gobbled up lefties so fast. My kids ate Chicken and rice which was teriyaki like but a bit more tasty. We ordered dumplings of pork and shrimp which were very good as well. My son (3) had no problem eating those. We ending up getting a second order for him. Lastly, I ordered some beef Skewers, which were super savory and salty, well dressed with some peanut crumbles and finely shredded cabbage. I was a little sad when the plate was empty, but my main meal (Chow Foon) came just minutes after. Overall a great experience. Only time will tell if we add it to our regular rotation. New Saigon, East Boston is located a Stones Throw from the Orient Heights Train Stop; 985 Bennington St in the Balloon City/Rite-Aid Complex. Please visit soon!